Everyone Needs a Story for the Campfire


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Insightful stories from inspiring people


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Each episode, a new guest joins me at the campfire and shares 2 impactful stories: the first story connects to a theme from the previous episode, and the second story illuminates a new theme to be passed on to our next guest.  In this ritual of tell, tell, pass, we forge connections through story, reminding ourselves that what makes us human is all at once remarkably familiar and wonderfully unique.  Weaving our stories around a proverbial fire, we invite you to journey with us to make meaning around why we are here, where we came from, and where we are going.  We hope to inspire you to consider what story you will bring the next time you pull up a seat at the campfire. 


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So many opportunities to a freer and fuller life lay on the other side of unlocking our best personal stories. 

When we've spent the time to find, craft, and perfect our personal stories, we unlock the ability to weave compelling narrative into all that we do. 

Finding connection points to our audience becomes so much easier. 

This workbook will help you get your story on paper!

You'll get 40 pages of prompts, tips, quizzes, check-ins, checklists, guided audio prompts, recommended resources, and 4 chapters of knowledge:

  1. Warm up & Stories To Tell...
  2. Find & Release Your Blocks
  3. Unlock Your Story Flow
  4. Now What? Stay Inspired!

Tap into your authentic self & discover your empowering stories today!