#103 Dr. CHARLOTTE ACHIENG-EVENSEN The experience of grief in immigration & the journey towards peace after loss

Season #1

This week, I sit down with masterful storyteller, educator, and researcher, Charlotte Achieng-Evensen. Charlotte transports us her very personal “Coming to America” story, where she explores the theme of loss– loss of the familiar, aspects of identity, and even a sense of freedom. Her second story explores her journey through grieving and the ways that she moved through that grief to peace and joy–a story of resilience.

Here are the links to Dr. Charlotte Achieng-Evensen's published works:

Books by Dr. Charlotte Achieng-Evensen  

Young, Urban, Professional, and Kenyan?: Conversations Surrounding Tribal Identity and Nationhood by Dr. Charlotte Achieng-Evensen

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