Hey, I'm Joey!

Creator of Be The Voice Coaching, educator, researcher, storyteller, healer, activist, adventurer, life-long learner, and mama.


I’m known for finding authenticity & creating radical belonging, from inside the classroom, to on the page, to on the mic.

And I’m on a mission to help heart-led founders & leaders become the most impactful, findable versions of themselves, and, with your help, to catalyze radically sustainable, prosperous communities all over the world.

Hey, I'm Joey!


Creator of Be The Voice, educator, Ph.D. researcher, storyteller, healer, activist, adventurer, life-long learner, and mama.


I’m known for finding authenticity & creating radical belonging, from inside the classroom to on the mic.


And I’m on a mission to teach you what I know, to amplify necessary voices, and, with your help, to catalyze radically sustainable, prosperous communities all over the world.

I’ve spent most of my life helping others & pushing back on social constructions that felt limiting, harmful, or inauthentic.

Just like you, I've always wanted to make an impact. 

I went into teaching, not for summers off, but to truly change lives & shake up systems for the better.

I've always known that there's a better way to do things. 

A way for people to live happier and healthier. A way for us to be more in harmony with each other & the earth we call home. 

My willingness to dream and be different helped me spark change.

From yoga to decolonizing frameworks, I've brought what I've learned about becoming the best versions of ourselves into every space to help others learn, heal, and thrive.  

I believe that our voices matter. 

And I've spent the last 12 years helping my students, clients, and audience to heal their hearts & nervous systems, to find their voice & messages, and live their most authentic life as an agent for collective change & transformation.

Telling my story & using my voice didn't always come easy. 

My work is a love letter and safe space for introverts, empaths, underdogs, mavericks, nerds, and anyone who's ever felt they didn't fit into any box.

I am you. 

Growing up biracial, multi-lingual, an immigrant, neurodivergent, and later, a trauma survivor, my default safety mechanism was silence. 

If I did use my voice, it was in a careful attempt to make others happy. I almost never sought attention, validation, or... well, anything. My comfort was in the shadows and solitude. 

There were 2 things that challenged my comfortable silence. Those 2 things would end up being 2 sides to the same coin:

1) My heart kept telling me to serve others and make the world around me better for everyone & everything.

2) People kept asking me to speak. To tell stories. To teach them. To give talks about how I was teaching people. To speak poetry. To perform on stage. 

In that 2-sided combination of my service & their ask lay my superpower. I discovered that my message was bigger than my comfort. Bigger than my personality. Bigger than me. It was the life lessons given to me by the universe perfectly matched to the questions my audience was asking.

It also led to 2 tangible outcomes.

1) Each speaking opportunity led to another (and free speaking gigs turned to paid). People would line up after one of my pitch-free talks asking me for ways to work with me and stay connected. (If I had any thought of running my own business back then, I would have believed marketing was EASY!)

2) Quickly, I realized to be the most impactful teacher, I needed to teach every student how to teachHow to channel their voice, their stories, their insights and embody the messages they were meant to share with their audience. 

The last decade of my life has been dedicated to making this process of helping others empower their voice good for both the speaker and the audience. A process where the speaker feels safe & confident in their message, and the audience is impacted without coercion or sleaze. 

Which brings me here to you.

I know it's time for many heart-led leaders and diverse founders to take center stage. 


And overcome the internal blocks and historical silencing that have kept us in the corners.

Let me show you how to clarify your vision, nail your frameworks, refine your voice, and master your messaging in a way that cultivates your aligned communities who will sustainably grow your impact and abundance with you. 

Marketers might tell you how to market. I help you clear the internal blocks and give you the tools so you can actually do it. 

(And I'll teach you the authentic messaging & time-saving content systems that solve my marketing needs too.)

I've lived with my fair share of imposter syndrome, but my mission has kept me going.

Walking my journey of radical service has brought me through...


  • 12 magical years in the public high school classroom where I helped my students create a Black Student Union and a Spoken Word course & team, performing on stages across the region. (Read that story here.)
  • Earning a Ph.D. in Education where I studied how to grow radical learning spaces from Indigenous & marginalized communities and learned to apply decolonizing practices of narrative & community-building. (Read those stories here.)
  • Publishing & speaking as a keynote, guest lecturer, and workshop leader, where I spread the transformational insights & methods I had gathered, while learning how to connect powerfully with my audiences. (Read that story here.)
  • Becoming a Kundalini yoga certified teacher where I began to heal from trauma I'd grown up with and learned how to restore my nervous system and trust my intuition. (Read that story here.)
  • Making the leap from my tenured teaching position into coaching, bringing the radical perspective & resources that changed my life to serve heart-led founders & leaders on their journeys towards radical impact. (Read that story here.)

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I've earned my own money since I was 9 years old by teaching & caretaking! Though I grew up in a working-class family, by earning money at such an early age, I learned how to leverage one opportunity into another. I NEVER worked a minimum wage job.


I come from a long line of farmers & builders. The next chapter of my vision involves me doing both and I CAN'T WAIT. My online education business will one day merge with its land-based counterpart: a farm, school, studio, and community resource space. 


I speak 4 languages and I've studied 7. I've taught in 4 different countries. I left my tenured-teaching job in summer 2023 and moved my family back to my homelands in Taiwan. My children are being raised tri-lingually like I was. As Hakka people, descendants of an endangered language with an oral history, passing on my native tongue to my children feels like a revolutionary act. Watch my Hakkamentary here. 


I gave birth to both my children at home in the water, carrying on my ah po's home birthing legacy. I practice decolonizing, holistic, and sustainable practices, raising my children to care for the earth and all its inhabitants. 


At age 19, I performed a cello solo with the Vienna Boys Choir in Austria in front of thousands of people. I wasn't qualified for the role when it was given to me. (The original soloist dropped out). But 3 months of hard work & discipline taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to. Read that story here. 

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